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We offer NHS, Denplan and private treatments. For a full list of treatments, click the button below.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is the most effective way to lighten the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface.


Invisalign is the clear alternative to straightening your teeth. It does this by using a series of virtually invisible, custom made aligners which you replace every 2 weeks, this enables the teeth to move gradually, little by little. Most people will not even notice you are wearing them.


A dental implant is the best way to replace one or more missing teeth. A titanium screw is placed into the jawbone as an alternative to the tooth root, giving you a natural look and feel. Implants are fixed in place and do not move.


If you have ever thought about improving your smile then Orthodontic treatment could be for you. Orthodontic treatment involves the straightening of the teeth which can give you the confidence to smile. Here at Wigston House we offer a range of different brace systems to include Cfast, Inman, Invisalign and Fastbraces.